We are open to exploring partnerships and collaborations with other creative entrepreneurs. May you be a reseller, manufacturer, or brand owner. Send us a message and let us start a new venture together. 

Create your own business

Get big discounts on your volume orders!

About Flavors is open to micro-entrepreneurs who want to start reselling our products in their chosen areas. You can add it to your roster of products currently being sold, or just an additional income for you. 

*Please be aware that we are only in charge of sending you your order and you do your magic to resell them.

Make it your own

We are open to working with you for your own brand. Choose your flavors and we can help you with your branding. Do you want to know more? Lets's talk.

Go big

We have BIGGER containers for your needs.

About Flavors offers 5kg jugs for factory use. Order direct from us.


Do you have more ideas? Let's talk!