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About Flavors is a haven for food enthusiasts and creatives. We understand that the foundation of every great food lies in its exceptional flavors. We then provide flavors that will elevate your desserts, bubble teas, or baked goods to the next level.

Concentrated, excellent taste of hard-to-find flavors best used for your favorite desserts.

Also available our other products that are truly Filipino taste.


With just a few drops, your cakes, ice cream, or desserts will have that authentic natural taste.

We take pride in our selection process. Each product on About Flavors is carefully curated to meet our rigorous standards. We work directly with trusted suppliers to ensure the freshness, authenticity, and quality of every item we offer. When you shop with us, you’re investing in ingredients that make a real difference in your menu.

Food Grade

European Quality

Cost Efficient

Premium Taste


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Create your own business

Get big discounts on your volume orders!

About Flavors is open to micro-entrepreneurs who want to start reselling our products in their chosen areas. You can add it to your roster of products currently being sold, or just an additional income for you. 

*Please be aware that we are only in charge of sending you your order and you do your magic to resell them.

Go big

We have BIGGER containers for your needs.

About Flavors offers 5kg jugs for factory use. Order direct from us.

Interested about UBE?

First of all, what is Ube?
Ube is purple yam, a root crop that is famously from the Philippines. It grows within 6 months of planting. In a year, there are generally only 2 harvest seasons usually in June and December. Yam is different from potato, taro, or carrots. Though some may find it similar to them, yam is more starchy and creamy when cooked as desserts with milk. Most yams are grown in the lower hemisphere but their color varies depending on the climate of the country of origin. You can find white yams (mostly in the African region) and yellow or orange yams (mostly in the Southern American region) too. Ube, pronounced as “oo-beh” is mostly used in desserts like Ube halaya, ice cream, kakanin, halo-halo and other sweets. Read more…

Purple ice cream anyone?


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