I love you very MOCH-I (donuts)!

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Irene & Ches

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A lot of people are very much into mochi nowadays. That small ball of chewy delicacy with sweet fillings. But there is another mochi product that is not quite as popular in the Netherlands much more in the whole of Europe, Mochi Donuts! Where to find one? At the heart of Amsterdam at Café Nobuya.

What are Mochi donuts?

Mochi donuts are indeed donuts (as the name suggests) and mochi in one. They are mainly made of glutinous rice flour which makes them heavier, moist, and chewy. It looks like munchkins (like the usual mochi) all stuck to each other. Unlike the typical donuts, Mochi donuts are dense enough to fill you up on a lunch break.


In June 2021, Irene and Ches began their business during the height of the pandemic. They started Café Nobuya. Located at Herenstraat 28D, 1015 CB in Amsterdam, their goal is to introduce a new delicacy to the Netherlands. 

This idea came about during their trip to Japan back in 2017. They saw, they tasted, they fell in love with it! They were the first to introduce mochi donuts to the Dutch cuisine. This makes their concept innovative and the business an interesting café in Amsterdam, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Fast forward to 2021, their dream took shape. Their business does not only aim to make these Japanese Mochi donuts to a new audience but also to put their own innovative twist on every piece of it. That’s what makes their cafe more interesting. The constant creation of exceptional and artistic flavors.

In July 2022, one out-of-the-box idea that truly impressed their customers was the UBE mochi donut. Ube, a root crop from the Philippines typically used for desserts, was not a common element in European pastries. These purple yam (English term for UBE) mochi donuts are delicious, instagrammable and a rare find. To complement their ube-infused donuts, they also introduced Ube latte as one of their signature drinks.

When asked about why to include ube in Café Nobu’s menu, they explained that aside from it being somehow a novelty, they personally love the ube flavor!

“It was an opportunity to introduce something distinct and unique that couldn’t be found just everywhere. “-Irene.

According to her, they have managed to do it easier with Ubeness (with 500ml available via aboutflavors.com). They simply love the flavor.

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